Lot 8: Identification tips for 3 Colisa and 1 Badis sp. from Doon Valley

Sort out the brightly or dull coloured, laterally compressed fish(es) with long spiny and soft-rayed dorsal and anal fins and obliquely running vertical bands or oblong spots on the sides: ……… place them labeled as either Trichogaster / Colisa / Badis sp. This ‘Lot’ has been found frequenting marshy weedy thickets along Suswa river in the Eastern Doon and Asan […]

Lot 7: Identification tips for Devario devario

Sort out small-sized laterally compressed fishes with peacock blue hue below lateral line, yellowish vertical bands and a stripe of dark pigmentation along mid lateral side, terminating at the base of caudal peduncle or beyond: ………. place them labeled as Devario sp. The fish kept labeled as Devario under ‘Lot 7’ in the field, has usually been found frequenting along […]

Lot 4: Identification tips for Barilius telio and Raiamas bola from Doon Valley.

Sort out any fish having oblong bluish spots along sides of the body: ………place them labeled as either Barilius or Raiamas sp. Your browser does not support the video tag. Live specimen of Barilius telio. Mark the presence of oblong bluish spots on the flank, upwardly directed mouth; yellowish pectoral, pelvic and anal fins; black edged dorsal fin and longer lower […]