Bio-etymology PART – 10: ARTHROPODA

[NOTE:Some assorted photographic illustrations, supported here, are from thefield/backyard, at Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India]   Making Biology students interested in Etymologies’ !!! v  FUN TO LEARN BIOLOGICAL TERMINOLOGY v  THE LANGUAGE OF BIOLOGISTS v  SOWING SEEDS OF SYSTEMATICS/TAXONOMY AT THE GRASSROOT LEVEL     LEARNING BIO- ETYMOLOGY   Over a period in past centuries, Science is general and Biology in particular […]

Learning Bio-Etymology- Part 9 – ANNELIDA

LEARNING BIO- ETYMOLOGY  ‘Making Biology students interested in Etymologies’ !!! FUN TO LEARN BIOLOGICAL TERMINOLOGY THE LANGUAGE OF BIOLOGISTS SOWING SEEDS OF SYSTEMATICS / TAXONOMY AT THE GRASSROOT LEVEL The Episode: The episode of ‘Bio-etymology’ is devoted to analyzing the hidden meanings derived from the Names of various Animal Phyla and Classes, along with the terms specifically used to describe […]

Survey of Researches in Life Sciences

With the financial support of Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, New Delhi, Dr. Brijesh K. Dwivedi, the General Secretary, Bioved Research Scoiety, Allahabad, compiled a monumental work in Five Volumes, entitled ‘Survey of Researches in Life Sciences’. The said work incorporated contributions of various ‘Life Science’ workers, the Vol. I and II being purely devoted to […]