The prime logic of suggesting instant ‘Identification of fish in the field’ is because of the fact that the colourful adornments of FISHES can only be recorded when they are live. It is not to be emphasized that most fishes have their Genus/Species specific colourations which mostly fade out on preservation over a period of time. Other taxonomic exercises (like meristics or morphometrics) can be performed even after preservation but observing and recording characteristic colour patterns is possible in the field itself.

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Teaching Tips: An Engrossing Segment

Diagrams are the visual representations and that the support of ‘diagrams’ in any kind of science whether social, physical, chemical or biological, makes the written / printed matter well-displayed and more absorbable. For Biological Sciences, in particular, the diagrams are aptly referred as the ‘life line’. Furthermore, some have rightly said that ‘diagrams are important tools for a biologist’.


At any level, may it be animals in general or Man in particular, there is some structured or indicative or behavioural system of communication. It is simply referred to as a kind of ‘Language’. In a broader sense, ‘Language’ is the method of communication that involves the use of various languages (in various countries) spoken by man. Articulation of words in a definite sequence is the basic of formulating a Language and knowledge of words forming it and their ‘sense’ is of utmost importance. 
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