Strategies Compatible with Studies – A Formula to be Applied

  • A STRATEGY to go into the depth of the subject.
  • A STRATEGY to know what has been learnt ?
  • A STRATEGY to make the contents of the ‘Subject’ the part of the body and soul.
  • A STRATEGY to bring the learnt facts into BLACK and WHITE (i.e., in a written form).
  • A STRATEGY to produce ‘Relevant(s)’ only and ‘To the Point’.
  • A STRATEGY to make the ‘MATTER’, ‘More Attractive’, in an illustrative, devotional and more disciplined manner.

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Continued Teaching for more than 40 years witnessed a vast array of students/pupils, pursuing their school/college level studies as per the instructions given by the teacher(s). There was a time when the ‘ethics’ of the formula discussed in the PPT was followed in letter and spirit but as the time passed on, the scenario beyond 2000 changed a lot and things were appearing beyond the control, at least behaviourally .

The methods /strategies adopted for studies have changed a lot, Text Books being gradually replaced by GUIDES and GUESS PAPERS and even ‘cut and paste technology’ and ‘Xeroxing’ of notes overpowered the self-study module; obviously, self-made notes i.e., ‘self written material’ is not being frequently adopted and this tendency has not only been telling upon the attractive ‘hand writing’ but the quality of answers given in the examinations has gradually deteriorated. Illustrations are the best means to quantify and qualify the textual matter; this ‘skill’ has also received a severe dent. Summarily, Reading, Writing and Drawing skills, all are affected to a considerable extent.

This PPT is an attempt to infuse positivity through devising and elaborating a ‘formula’, for making the RAW material into a well-finished good.

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The following formula is the main focus of this presentation: The derivation tactics of the formula is:

R = Reading habit; from standard Text Books.

5 A’s = Aptitude, Attitude, Analysis, Acquiring and Assimilation.

Judge the importance of these words by finding the cumulative score of these words by adding the sequence number of the ‘alphabet’ from A to Z e.g.,

APTITUDE = 1+16+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 96

ATTITUDE = 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100

ANALYSIS = 1+14+1+12+25+19+9+19 = 100

ACQUIRING = 1+3+17+21+9+18+9+14+7 = 99

ASSIMILATION = 1+19+19+9+13+9+12+1+20+9+15+14 = 141

It all starts from ‘APTITUDE’ [Competence, Talent], followed by ‘ATTITUDE’ [State of mind], ‘ANALYSIS’ [habit of scanning about what is read/studied], ACQUIRING [gaining possible only after proper Analysis] and ASSIMILATION [the subject matter studied becoming the part and parcel of mind and body].

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When the ‘R’ and ‘A’ exercises are rightly accomplished then only the task of ‘W’ (WRITING) is possible to any understandable extent. Writing definitely needs ‘hard work’. Well goes the sayings that ‘Effective written communication simplifies complex concepts and ideas’ and ‘If people cannot write well, they cannot think well….’

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Not to be emphasized that ‘writing to the point’ and ‘relevant’ (WR) reduces much of time and communicates much.

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It is to be understood well that writing skills include Specific abilities that help writers to put their thoughts into words in a meaningful manner and to mentally interact with the message’.

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Why are writing skills in decline? This is a pertinent question often lurking in minds of so many. The possible reasons explored include:

  • Social Media Displacement of Reading!
  • Digital Brains!!
  • College Is Less Rigorous!!!
  • Writing Skills Are No Longer Graded!!!!
  • Text Slang!!!!!

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The whole exercise of making the RA5WRD4 a great success depends on at least 4 D’s (D4) viz.,
  • Devotion [towards oneself and towards the task assigned].
  • Discipline [obey rules and codes of behaviour].
  • Determination [firmness towards the purpose to be accomplished].
  • Display [to put the things in an ordered manner whether the written matter or adding of the illustrations to the textual matter].

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  • The whole concept behind this PPT is summarized as under:
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