Quality Education Scientific Temper

विज्ञान: पठन पाठन, गुणवत्ता एवं वैज्ञानिक संस्कृति [SCIENCE: TEACHING AND LEARNING, QUALITY AND SCIENTIFIC CULTURE/TEMPERAMENT] Beginning of 2020, a time to ponder upon: ‘Revisit Indian Education: VISION 2020 – Challenges ahead’. This ‘Article’ in Hindi विज्ञान: पठन पाठन, गुणवत्ता एवं वैज्ञानिक संस्कृति [Science: Teaching and Learning, Quality and Scientific Culture/Temperament ], designed for the occasion of National Science Seminar, November […]

Fish and Fisheries (General and Applied Ichthyology) Vol. II Modified Contents

Designed to be published in due course of time or made available to the concerned through appropriate channel CHAPTER 1. INTEGUMENTARY SYSTEM [SKIN, GLANDS AND EXOSKELETON] General structure of skin, Derivatives of skin, The integument (skin, glands and exoskeleton) in different groups of fishes, Diversity of scale structure and occurrence in Bony fishes, Importance of scales, Modifications of multicellular glands, […]