विज्ञान परिचर्चा: Migratory Birds

An Article from the pages of ‘Vigyan Paricharcha’ (विज्ञान परिचर्चा) On the occasion of National Bird Day, 5th JanuaryTHE GUESTS WITHOUT PASSPORT: MIGRATORY BIRDSबिना पास पोर्ट के मेहमान On the commencement of winters, a large number of ‘Birds’ come for roosting in the wetlands of India from far flung regions of the world. Asan barrage (Dhalipur Lake) on Asan river […]

Lot 2: Characterization of Beek-Jawed Fish(es)

Sort out the fish which have jaws prolonged into a beak: ……place them labeled as Needle Fishes or Belonids maybe! This lot from any assemblage of fish, whether in the hilly streams of the Doon or in the plains, is with both the jaws prolonged into a beak-like structure. Unhesitatingly, identify this fish as: Xenentodon (=Belone) cancila In the streams […]

Lot 1: Identification of Black-Blotched Fishes

Sort out small sized fishes with a prominent BLACK BLOTCH at the base of caudal fin, along with one behind gill cover or one at the base of  dorsal  fin:                                         …………….place them labeled as Puntius sp. may be! https://www.fishbiopedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/545.mp4Live specimens of Puntius (=Pethia) sp. […]