Learning Bio-Etymology- Part 7 – NEMERTEA

 ‘Making Biology students interested in Etymologies’ !!! ❖    FUN TO LEARN BIOLOGICAL TERMINOLOGY   ❖    THE LANGUAGE OF BIOLOGISTS   ❖    SOWING SEEDS OF SYSTEMATICS / TAXONOMY AT THE GRASSROOT LEVEL   The Episode:   The episode of ‘Bio-etymology’ is devoted to analyzing the hidden meanings derived from the Names of various Animal Phyla and Classes, along with the terms […]

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Fish Identification in the field / market: Freshwater  Fishes of India (Banda, UP): The sorting of some fishes in the field / fresh market catches has / had been made on the basis of the presence of considerably long filamentous extensions of skin around mouth (= barbels) and absence of scales on the body (smooth skinned). They have been placed […]